Ke Kauwela is Summertime (thank you Alana for the 'Olelo Hawai'i language lesson)

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Summertime is always on my mind

Read on for my ten best things to do on Kaua'i during the summer.

1.) Gather sand for sand pendants. We spend so much time at the beach in the summer, that many different spots get visited. This makes for an epic sand collection come September.

2.) Snorkel mission to swim with turtles. See the turtles, sketch the turtles, make small updates to my own glass turtle design.

3.) Hike down to turtle cave (are you sensing a theme) to sit in the presence of these shy, intelligent creatures.

4.) Eat all the shave ice. JoJo's, Ono, Wailua, Uncle's, Fresh Shave, Wishing Well, and Tege Tege (my personal favorite).

5.) Watch the sunrise. I have been perfecting my glass version of a sunrise shell. Every time I make the effort to sit and observe a sunrise, I reach a new level of appreciation for the new day ahead. It's even better when Alana is with me.

6.) Discover new fish in the reef. The Moorish Idol inspired one of my hanging glass fish designs. I hope to soon sketch out and bring the humuhumunukunukuapua'a to life in glass.

7.) Beach BBQ at Pine Trees, Hanalei Bay. Bring the headlamps because even in the summer, the sunsets at 7:15 p.m and it gets dark quick. Now I fondly remember the times we packed up the tent, BBQ, and trash by the light of the moon, but in the moment it's a real pain in the arse.

8.) Take photos! The summer light is beautiful and I love to set up my glass products mid-morning and capture all the marvelous colors the sunlight brings to life.

9.) Appreciate the rainy days. Since they are fewer, when a rain storm rolls through it's all about cuddle time with the husband and kids. We do easy crafts, take naps, and (thanks to Peppa Pig) jump up and down in muddy puddles.

10.) Drive to Waimea Canyon, then up to Kokee State Park for a hike. Specifically the Alakai Swamp Trail. It's the highest elevation swamp in the world and the state has built a boardwalk system that allows you to walk above most of the swamp area. In summertime there is the bonus of tasty strawberry guava and wild raspberry.

See you there,

Rosemary Pierro