Handmade glass art in Kauai, Hawaii



unique, handmade products

Take a little piece of Kaua’i with you with Rosemary Glass pendants, straws, and one-of-a-kind guitar picks.

Glass pendants


Make a statement with a one of a kind pendant made from beach sand and glass.

Glass straws

Glass Straws

Sip your favorite drink through a handmade straw that’s good for you and the planet.

Glass guitar picks

Glass Guitar Picks

Strum your guitar with a glass pick and experience a sound that’s warm and bright.

“My Rosemary Glass necklace is truly one of a kind. It’s like having a little piece of Kaua’i with me!”

— leslie shores, etsy customer

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Rosemary Pierro

aloha! I’m rosemary.

15 years ago, I went on vacation to Hawaii and I fell in love with paradise. I started dreaming… what if I could stay here?

I knew I had to hold on to this feeling, so I bought a carved turtle shell necklace from a local gallery and vowed to wear it until my path led me back to the islands.

Today, I live on the remote island of Kaua’i and sculpt handmade glass artworks inspired by the spirit of the island.

I hope that each of my pieces helps you stay connected to this magical place and it’s people.


each piece is crafted with love

Just like lava flowing or the movement of the ocean, there’s a fine push and pull between my will and the intangible voice of the glass itself. Here’s a peek at how each piece comes to life…

The island of Kaua'i

Inspired by nature

My studio is located on the east side of the beautiful island of Kaua’i and each piece starts with inspiration from nature.

Rosemary in her studio

Made by hand

Once the glass is white hot and liquid, I’m the guide and gravity makes the rules! Each piece is handmade and completely unique.

Rosemary glass products being enjoyed

Designed to be enjoyed

From pendents, to glass straws, to guitar picks, each one of my pieces is designed to be used and enjoyed by you and your family.

Mollie Parnell
I was looking for a unique gift that would show my bridesmaids how much I cherish them. Rosemary’s pendants were a huge hit! They’re all the more special, being individually handmade. The necklaces look even prettier in person, because of so much depth and detail.


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