Rosemary Glass photo shoot with Lisa Seed

Let me start off by saying a good photographer is worth her weight in gold.

And Lisa Seed is platinum

I am camera shy. Not because of a lack of self confidence. Not because of an inability to laugh and smile.

In front of a camera, I am a deer in headlights. All the air is sucked out of the room and I can’t breathe, let alone continue to exist as a human being. It’s bad.

Lisa Seed shot my wedding photos 2 years ago and it was a revelation, photographs don’t have to be torture.

I think it starts when you speak to her before-hand and the trust between you starts building. I trust Lisa. She sees you the way you want to be seen and by some delightful magic, this is captured on film.

I enjoyed preparing for the photo shoot. Making the glass, choosing clothing for my family to wear, getting together props.

And then the big day came, and it rained, a lot. We rescheduled at Lisa’s request and I was so grateful. This photo shoot when going to happen when Kaua’i was ready and we were both willing to wait.

One month later, it happened. We shot twice that day, 10 am and 5 pm. Lisa is in tune with the island’s light and uses this to her advantage. She works with the natural light that bathes Kauai rather than relying on artificial enhancements.

We worked hard that day, following my extensive list of must-have shots. We also had fun and laughed and joked. She was able to capture our family dynamic. This was important to me, as a young family we are growing and changing all the time.

At the end of our day together, it was like finishing a marathon. I was sweaty, glowing, and uplifted. We did the thing and hot damn it came out exceptional.

Here’s a few photos you didn’t see on the website.

Cue the outtakes…

Lifestyle Straw18.jpg
Resize Outtake2.jpg
Alana Gymnastics.jpg
Family4 resize.jpg
Rosemary Pierro