Welcome to the Rosemary Glass Blog


I am officially welcoming you and also myself to a new part of my life as an artist, sharing.

Yes, I share the deepest and best part of myself all the time through rods of glass sculpted into artworks.

But this is not for that.

This is for the behind the scenes, the process of it all. I love following other’s journeys. Not because I want to replicate their path. but to understand, and more superficially, get a sneak peek. My own life is so private and layered, that I doubt even my own family knows what it takes to transform an feeling related to a physical place (magical Kaua’i) into a solid, hold in your hand, wearable piece of art.

This should be fun. And boring. And repetitive. And eye-opening. And real.

Artist Life.jpg
Rosemary Pierro