Studio Tour

This studio is my own personal "happiest place on Earth". Of course, down the line, my dream workspace will look a little different. More space, better light, and a bumpin' sound system.

Having said that, I am so grateful for the room that is currently dedicated to my creative business.

Most lampworkers work in one of two ways:

  • In a retail space
  • In a dark basement or garage

The issue I have with the first scenario is that you never know when the creative train will stop by your studio. Being in close proximity to the magic flame is preferable.

The problem with the second scene is that my work is inspired by light and color. Being surrounded by those two things are necessary.

Of course, I haven't always had the opportunity or luxury to work in a comfortable and inviting space.

Bringing us to…

The Three Most Interesting Places I've Blown Glass

  1. My childhood bedroom in New Jersey.
    The beautiful wall to wall carpeting laid when I was a teen has since been destroyed by dropping pieces of glass. Thank you Mom and Dad for supporting my early learning stages.
  2. In a tiny yurt on Kauai.
    Granted, the glorified tent had a wood floor, but it also had black mold and no electricity to operate the exhaust fan. The neighbors aren't happy when you run a gas-powered generator for hours on end.
  3. In the shed.
    Hot and stuffy, with centipedes and spiders aplenty. Here, the kiln was located on the other side of the property. I would run across an acre of grass with a hot, finished piece of artwork clasped in a pair of tongs. The trick was getting the piece to the kiln before it started cracking. Not an easy feat!